The world of technology has taken great leaps and bounds.  Back in the early nineteen sixties we had movies and television programs where we had computers and robots doing a lot of things humans do today.  Fast forward to today, what we once saw on television is now possible.  In the realm of surgery, charleston robotic surgery is now a possibility and is even growing to be even more advanced than it is today.

So why do we use robots to do surgery and other procedures?

Well, to start with, robots are more accurate than humans.  With a computer we can program a robot to do complex procedures that would be very difficult to impossible for a human to do.  Even if you had the most delicate touch or the greatest eye for detail, you couldn’t do what a robot does on a consistent basis.

They can make decisions on the fly

charleston robotic surgery

With a robot they don’t have emotions.  They are programmed to complete a series of specific tasks that will get the desired result.  However, with more artificial intelligence being built into these machines, they are getting smarter and can do faster and more complex calculations that could possibly spot a potential problem faster than a human could.  As a result, they can make more informed decisions faster than a human could, which in return could save lives.

Are cost effective

Money is a major factor in healthcare.  With the addition of robots, we can actually cut costs.  After the initial cost of purchasing the robot is made the rest is going to be profit for the hospital.  This means that the robot can perform multiple surgeries and not have to worry about being paid.  So, whatever is charged for the procedure is pure, to a point, profit. 

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